Vertical print solutions

Our services are spread in London and within the UK

Tattoo Your Home

Home Prints

Using our vertical print solutions, we can turn any living room in to an art gallery or any children’s room in to a unique playground with their favourite heroes or their favourite cartoon characters on the walls.

We can help you change the boring white walls in to something special. You can use our service to print indoors on any surface as well as outdoors to make your garden stand out.

Your imagination is the only limitation to what we can bring to your home. 

Bring it On!


There are no limits to our services – we can print in your warehouse, doctor’s cabinet, school, kinder garden, shopping mall,   office, flat building coffee shop, restaurant, car dealership, theatre, you name the location we will come up some great ideas.

If you wish to make your brand standing out on the street, be sure that WallArte can really make a difference with our vertical print solutions.

Vertical print solutions - can I own a printer?


You can contact us in order to purchase a wallPen vertical printer. We offer support, consumables, print ideas and professional advice on how to operate the device and what is important for your customers. 

Contact us for a quote or send us your request, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our flexibility is limitless.

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