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Wall Arte

Vertical Print Solutions

Eco-friendly prints for clean environment

No waste due to stencils or foil remnants

Durable and scratch-resistant prints

Odourless & harmless even in case of fire 

Minimal use of materials

No use of solvents or thinners on your walls

wallPen ink is vegan and ISO 9001-2015 certified

Domestic Printing

Do you want to be a COOL parent and create a unique room for your kids?
Maybe you want  to turn your living room in to a wild forest or an art gallery?
Are you in to motorsports ? Would you like your favourite car or bike on the wall? Maybe a Spitfire ?
If  you are into DnD or movies – we’ve got you covered. We can make your flat or house look exactly like your favourite set from a film or movie scene. 

Just share with us your wildest ideas, and we can bring them to life.

Commercial Printing

We can offer a wide range of services to construction sites, museums, schools, universities, hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, amusement parks, car dealerships, hair saloon, barber shops, massage studios etc. 
If you really wish to get your business to stand out from everyone else, you could use our services.

Interior design Agencies

If you are after some crazy artistic design – we are here to help.
Either you want to print an NFT on your wall or you want to get some really modern look in your client’s place, we will help your ideas to stand out.

When you add a little touch to the standard pub, it always stands out, no matter how trivial.

WallArte WallPen Gentleman
WallArte Ladies restroom

Some animals really fit the design of some hotels. They seem more natural.

deer printed on wall on restaurant in hotel close

Artistic touch

Or you can add something more artistic to the hotel room, for comfort and style.

Hotel Print Distnace in room

Bringing a child to a hospital could be a very stressful experience. We can help you to make the doctor’s visit much more pleasant. 

WallArte Kids Room WallPen

How to make your office stand out?

You need to change the looks of your meeting room in the office or the public are – we can make it much more enjoyable. 

WallArte office print